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Beyond the Nettles Burn – Erica Romeo


releases new album ‘Beyond The Nettles Burn’
– out 10 February 2017 on PLAY & Oracle Records Ltd-

The new album of the Italian songwriter Erica Romeo, entitled “Beyond the Nettles Burn”, will be released on 10 February 2017.

Listen to the album here (please don’t post this link):

With this new album, Erica’s music will reach Europe and will definitely focus her genre from songwriting to electrosound, as already hinted at in her previous album “White Fever”. The album starts with “Reconstructive Memory”, a unique introduction that outlines the first notes with nostalgic voice, before exploding into the energetic second track “You’re Gonna Go”, where Erica talks about the ability to make a decision with determination and without regrets:

“When you idealize a person you love regardless of the type of relationship, and you get hurt, it’s hard to break up and make a final decision. Even if you know that it would be the right thing for you, guilt and fears prevail. It takes a lot of clarity in the heart and willpower, especially to themselves”